Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 Days To Go

Yes, I am Super X-Cited. (didnt have time to spell it all out)

OK...so I made good on my promise to myself and didnt go out to buy a bunch of stuff. Im using clothes that were already in my closet.
Well, except for 1 thing.

There are 2 formal nights on the ship. For one of the nights, im using a dress that I already have, for the other....Well I found a GAWGEOUS dress! I normally dont do cocktail length dresses but this one, I just couldnt resist. Ive been eyeing this dress for a while. It was being sold for $185 (ummm you know my saying...NOT GONNA HAPPEN)

OK so I decide to stalk Belk until it goes on sale. Well after 2 months of stalking and the store being down to only 3 left, my favorite word appeared on the top of the rack it had been sitting on today ........"CLEARANCE"
Ahhhhh how I love the word clearance. My dress, yes the $185 dress, was purchased today for what ...$19. ( Please hold down your applause) I cant wait to put it on with my bronze / gold fierce heels. Such simple things bring me pleaseure..LOL

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