Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eat right, Live Right, Feel better

Thats my motivation. I want to eat right, I want to live right, and I definitely want to feel better.

When I decided to lose weight for the wedding, it was mainly because I refused to look like a pillow in my wedding dress. What I found was after losing the weight, I felt so much better. I had energy, I felt younger, and I was overal in a more health place. Now that ive gained a good deal of that weight back, I dont feel as great anymore. So now im committed to feeling better and getting my sexy back.

I must stay motivated!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

ohhhh...back to where I started

So I completely understand that you are supposed to eat to live, I get that! However I love to eat...LOL. I love to cook food and I love to eat it. Thats my problem.
Last year I was on a mission to lose weight prior to my wedding, well after the wedding, I hubby and I would dine out (all the time), pick up sweet treats in the middle of the night, and now, im back right where I started.
So with that im on a mission to lose the weight again, but this time im determined to keep it off, all while still enjoying food. We'll see how this works. Ive joined the gym, im being selective about what I eat, and im doing this daily.

There are a couple of websites Ive found that have been really helpful.

Ive also decided to go grab a pedometer today. Im going to make an effort to keep track of my steps taken . Im setting a goal of 10k per day (Ha....should be easy just from walking across campus daily but we will see)

Im also going to go out and buy the new version of

Althought they say its best to make your own foo, ummm realistically, for me thats just not going to happen. Im always on the run and just dont have time to always fix the perfect low fat / low cal meal. So Im going to need a little help. I have the older version of the book and I love it, so now its time to upgrade.