Friday, January 23, 2009

Were Back!!

The trip was great and very much needed!

The kids had more fun than you could imagine, Herb took advantage of what he never gets at home, sleep, and I ate till my cheeks started to hurt.

We did everything from touring the forts of Puerto Rico to floating on the waters of St. Thomas.

Some days were spent just laying around enjoying the sound of no telephone ringing, no door bells ringing, just peace and quiet. I was going to say no Internet, but of course, I had to sneak off for few minutes to see what all I'd missed on my 2 favorite websites.

Right now the economy sucks, big time and money is tight, but, if you can put aside a few dollars just to get away with your family, its so worth it. Even if its a small weekend trip within your home state, just get away. The thought of just being away from home and the every day hustle and bustle put me in relaxation mode.

Now, I'm off to think of where our next adventure will take us!!!

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The Mother Bride said...

Lamar and I saw that all the time. People need to just take their kids SOMEWHERE..ANYWHERE. It's not always so expensive to jut get away.