Saturday, January 24, 2009

It just aint right!

I'm convinced that the cycle of life is all about keeping a sister broke! I'm telling you, it truly feels that way. OK, you go to school (it cost), you get there and you need books (they cost), you take out loans and other things to help pay for this stuff (it cost), you're grown and out on your own (it cost), you purchase a home - yeah that American Dream they flaunt in your face ( it cost), you have children (they really cost). When does it get easier???? I guess never.
This is more of a "get things off of your chest" post for me.

So, I'm in school, and I need someone to answer a question for me, why is it that they know college students are broke, but they want to charge you a arm and a leg for everything?Everything from your books, to a pencil and pen out of the campus book store. Its just not right. The other day, I realized that I left my pencils at home so I go over to the campus bookstore to grab a pack. A pencil, almost $2. WTH. Not a bag full of pencils. Just one stinkin regular, sharpen while youre standing at the wall type of pencil.
Now I know, I could've gotten in my car and driven down the street to a local Family Dollar store of something but hey, I needed to get to class and also I didn't want to lose my good parking spot.
Anywho, there was no way I was giving up the same thing it cost me to feed myself at Wendy's (some chicken nuggets and a fry) for a pencil.

Im done now, I just needed to get that off of my chest.

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